How do AutoPins work?

AutoPins puts your pinning schedule on autopilot based on your settings. Here's how they work.

Candice Boyers

Last Update vor 2 Monaten

Set up an AutoPin using the following steps:

  1. Generate and design pins using a URL, CSV file, or the Pin Generator Chrome extension
  2. Click the schedule button underneath the specific pin (the clock icon)
  3. Select Create Autopin from the options that appear
  4. Fill in all of the necessary information that appears in the pop-up
  5. Select Create Autopin

The demo of Autopins gives you an idea of the possible pins that will be released on autopilot, ensuring that you are happy with the content. It should change the colors, and text according to your settings. It will also use all the template variations that you set when generating the pins and not just one template. 

However, if the pin is locked, then only the text will change. You need to unlock the pin’s design settings before creating a new autopin. 

For more information on creating Autopins, you can watch this tutorial:

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