How to create templates for multiple brands

Create multiple Pinterest campaigns for different accounts using Pin Generator

Candice Boyers

Last Update 2 bulan yang lalu

Use our Brand Settings to create and schedule Pinterest campaigns for multiple projects.

You can save certain templates to a brand profile under brand settings in the left-hand menu bar.

  • Add a design profile in the drop-down under Brand Settings
  • Set your colors, fonts, templates, logo, and AI keywords (if you wish)
  • Press the save icon next to the design profile

Whenever you select your chosen design profiles from the drop-down, the saved templates will be applied to the pins generated.

Make sure that the correct design profile is selected when generating a campaign.

If you do not want these settings applied to the pins, then you can choose the default settings under brand profile. 

You can always edit individual pins by clicking the pencil icon underneath the pin.

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